How To Prepare For The Fishing Experience at Kalu Yala

Kalu Yala, a new and sustainable village nestled along the Panamanian river and rainforest, features many fun and eye-opening experiences that have all led to having a more interesting experience. In several of the programs, you get firsthand learning experiences from the local Panamanians who specialize in a multitude of fields. Expert locals from the outdoor recreation institution will share their knowledge of the wild to shape your understanding of outdoor skills. What are some of the things prepare for with your fishing experience in Kalu Yala?

Prepare for the Unforgettable

Kalu Yala bad experience is the antithesis of what happens at this off-the-grid location. Your fishing experience will have you trudging through the lush, green jungles of Panama. The fish you catch don’t come any fresher, and as you wrestle them ashore, you will have the option to eat them fresh at the table. Ever gone spearfishing in the Pacora River? The truth about Kalu Yala is how you will get to do all those things and more. You will also hike an orchard, explore a gigantic bamboo stand and eat fresh tamarindo. When you compare Panama to Costa Rica, the country experiences a little more heat than its friendly neighbor, which makes the fresh-caught fish even tastier as you slap them down on the table. In fact, a Kalu Yala bad experience is almost unheard of because this destination has a little something for everyone.

Real-World Application and Learning

One of the biggest rules about the Kalu Yala becomes about taking real-world situations and giving them a practical application. It’s one of the first things that you will learn as you come here. Like with many of the countries that experience warm rain, Panama has a distinctive smell because of the rain, but it never smells bad. It’s just a distinct aroma, and once you have come to Panama, you learn how to recognize this smell easily. Every fisherman from any corner of the globe can appreciate the fishing experience he finds in Kalu Yala because the fish taste particularly fresh. In addition, they have been known to put up legendary fights. You can tailor your trip to the Kalu Yala to fit with your interests.

The Driven Community of Dreamers

In this community, you have a group of dreamers and idealists who have congregated in one space to foster an environment of learning. This is the magic of sublime living at its finest. Spearfishing in Kalu Yala becomes the modern man’s escape from the stresses of everyday living. In total, Kalu Yala has 80 residents and 50 of them are interns.

What Kind of Fish Can You Catch Here?

One of the most common fish you will catch here is Tilapias. Fishing here can be a blast, and you have the most dramatic scenery in the background. You feel like you have entered into paradise when you come to Kalu Yala, and there’s much good to see here. A lot of people come here because they have heard how good the fishing is. On top of the fishing, you can dig big holes to create what’s known as an aquaculture pond. It sits integrated with the greenhouse. One person said they have helped to make it big enough that there’s now seven Tilapia of a full size in the pond. What’s the key idea behind this? First, fish taste delicious. Second, whatever fish eat, they will excrete from the body and into the water. This water will then be used as a fertilizer for young plants. Outside the Tilapias, you will also find a crustacean here known as a Prawn.

All-Around Learning Experience

As you go fishing, you have the opportunity to observe some of the local wildlife living in their natural habitat. This is actually how the aquaculture pond project had been created was through the observation of biology. Ever enjoyed the sights of a crystalline mountain river? It doesn’t get much more interesting than what you will see here in Kalu Yala. The simplistic act of living here never gets boring. After a day of fishing, perhaps you want to cool off from the harsh Panamanian heat and leap into the river. You can also swing back in a hammock and take a relaxing midday siesta. What you choose to do in Kalu Yala is not half so important as how much fun you have while you’re doing it.

The truth about Kalu Yala is that it’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else. The students and interns who come here have all dedicated themselves to learning more about sustainable living. The great thing about when you’re not fishing is how you can connect on a deep level with intellectually stimulating individuals who will provoke deeper thinking and passionate learning. It’s an experience that everyone should have.