Welcome to the Brian Speier Maine fishing Web Site for the State of Maine. There are two qualities that helped make me a great fisherman; that’s Knowledge and Experience. With decades of experience in both traditional fishing and fly fishing in Maine, my experiences will help you get an all-around excellent set of tips and resources to help you succeed. The great thing about fishing in Maine is that every season has something to offer in virtually every part of our state. I found Maine to be a gold mine for family friendly fishing! We have a very rich and beautiful state with bountiful fishing opportunities for all folks.

In general, I find fall to be the best season when it comes to Trout and Salmon fishing in Maine. Bass and bluefish also tend to migrate south, and all that activity makes them hungry and ideal for you to catch. Be sure to check out my awesome Google Interactive Map of Maine, to get an excellent birds-eye-view of the numerous lakes and rivers (e.g. Kennebec River), that can provide great opportunities for fishing: http://tinyurl.com/l38xkud

Our web site provides the best resources you need, to become a successful fisherman in Maine. I found that fishing without knowledge and experience, can be a daunting task even for the most experienced among us. From personal experience, I can tell you that Maine is a vast state with endless outstanding fishing opportunities year round. We have the majority of the wild brook trout that exists along the east coast, and these include landlocked Salmon, bass, pickerel, sunfish, and perch. Generally speaking, the further north and west you are located in our state, the more likely you will be in trout territory (although trout exist statewide). Bass fishing in freshwater is predominantly in the south and eastern parts of Maine. And be advised that my experience shows that those over 16 are required to have a fishing license, to be active in freshwater. For Licensing and other detailed information, please visit: http://tinyurl.com/zxsvmgk

When fishermen speak of bass fishing, they are most often referring to fishing for largemouth bass. These are among the most popular fish sought after by fishermen. They are aggressive feeders with thunderous strikes, and can grow quite large. Bass will readily take Live Baits or Lures. Generally late spring is the best time of year to fish for Bass in Maine, with ideal water temperatures being around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go fishing during the lowest light hours (meaning early morning or late evening), your chances of a catching improve significantly. Over the years as a fisherman in Maine, I find this to be generally true of all fish, as they take advantage of lower light conditions for feeding. The best bass baits are usually a Minow or Shiner bait. Sometimes I enjoy fishing with artificial lures, and I find that topwater poppers and plugs work best when I am near shorelines or heavy vegetation.

Late Afternoon fishing works great during the summer seasons. I’ve found that Bass tend to feed more heavily at night. Good-sized tuna, shark, Pollock, haddock, and cod can also be had on offshore fishing trips. For best results, always use the strongest fishing rods and spinning reels you can use. In my years of experience with larger fish, I found popular hook sizes for larger fish to be size 14, and I prefer using barbless hooks for easier removal. I hope you found my introductory Bio informative. Be sure and enjoy exploring and researching our site, to improve your fishing knowledge of beautiful Maine.